Frequently Asked Questions | Primary Healthcare

Oasis Life offers Primary Healthcare.  What Does this Mean?

Our Oasis Life Clara Anna Fontein Clubhouse includes a Healthcare Suite consisting of a reception, observation room, doctor’s consulting room, and staff lounge.

Medical staff will be on duty 24/7, consisting of a minimum of one qualified sister during normal office hours and an enrolled nursing assistant (ENA) to attend to emergencies after hours and over weekends and public holidays.

We will also have an emergency nurse call system, including a panic button with links to the Healthcare Suite, security and ER Services as part of the medical response system servicing the estate.

As needs arise, a Doctor will become available by appointment.

Is Primary Healthcare an Additional Cost?

The services offered by the Primary Healthcare staff is included in your levy.  This of course excludes medications etc as prescribed by your doctor.

What will the Primary Healthcare Nurse or Sister be Responsible For?

Regular clinic visits to the Care Centre in the Clubhouse would include the following:

  • Checking vital signs, blood pressure, blood glucose, haemoglobin.
  • Checking ears with otoscope, treat blocked ears and refer in case of infection.
  • Dressing of minor wounds.
  • Injections on script.
  • Emergency support until ambulance service arrives.
  • Advice on minor ailments with referral where needed.
  • Assistance with initial home-based care.
  • Assist with Pathcare requests.

Will a Nurse or Sister be Able to Visit my Home?  

Yes, regular house visits will include the following:

  • Monitoring of all occupants to ensure they are healthy and well.
  • Done on a rotational basis.
  • Observing general lifestyle and general well-being.
  • Discussing with the occupants or their family, any concerns that may be observed during these visits.
  • Taking other remedial action if required.
  • Discussing any medical concerns that the occupant may raise.

What if I Have Fallen Ill and Need Someone to Assist Me. I Don’t Want to Leave the Comfort of My Home.

Depending on your illness and the recommendation of your doctor, home based care is available.  This is, however, an on-demand service outside of the spectrum of the Primary Healthcare offering at Oasis Life and will be quoted and invoiced separately.

Home-based support/care is a service offered and managed by Medwell, who is also responsible for the Primary Healthcare.

Does Oasis Life Offer a Frail Care Facility?

Oasis Life does not offer a frail care facility.  However, arrangements for preferential access, subject to availability, will be given at the Oasis Care Centre in Century City, and any affiliated facility in and around the area of the retirement estate.