Burgundy Estate’s phase two is under construction

Burgundy Estate’s phase two is under construction

A Ripple Autumn 2022 article

Launched at the end of October, the second phase of the secure retirement estate in Burgundy Estate is under construction.

“Our phase one stand-alone houses are sold out, and we have a few apartments for sale which can be occupied immediately,” says Rodrigues.  “Construction on the second phase houses and first four cottages are well underway.  The cottage is a new product we developed, which is an intermediate between a house and an apartment.  It’s on the ground floor with its own garden, but is not too big to manage, especially for a single person.”

With features like a 24/7 manned gatehouse, a Clubhouse with deli and regular events arranged by the Oasis Life management team, the residents in this secure retirement estate have already established a happy community.

Burgundy Estate’s phase two is under construction
Artist's impression of the Fitness Centre scheduled for completion by September 2022
Burgundy Estate’s phase two is under construction
The cottages have the enjoyment of exclusive gardens

“We had a five-bedroom house, three garages, a swimming pool, the kids grew up and they moved out the house,” says Basil Payne, resident at Oasis Life Burgundy Estate, together with his wife. “It was just the two of us left, and it’s lovely to not worry about all that maintenance and upkeep of a big house.  I still do quite a lot of training, so I go out to the mountains in the mornings and when I come back, I go the Clubhouse for a nice cup of coffee to kick start my day. We just love the relaxation and the tranquility, the quietness. And within the estate, the people around you greet you and are friendly. It’s very, very nice actually!”

Burgundy Estate’s 45 residents have already formed a happy community, with social events and a walking club arranged by the residents in addition to what the Clubhouse offers.

Burgundy Estate’s phase two is under construction

“Our activity schedule for the coming months is chock-and-block!” says Neil Barry, Operations Manager at Oasis Life. “Bridge games take place every Tuesday, we have movement classes twice a month, socials, a medical talk, and crafts.  Our braais are very popular, as are the Sunday carveries.  Overall, our Burgundy Estate community love spending time with one another, and they are truly embracing their lives in the estate.”

With the completion of the first houses and cottages in September this year, residents can also expect start using the Fitness Centre. “We constructed all the buildings of the Lifestyle Centre at the very beginning of the development, with the idea that a phased approach will be taken on the various components thereof,” explains Rodrigues. “First was of course our Clubhouse, deli, multi-function room and nurse’s rooms and we are currently busy with the pool and fitness area in the adjacent building.  Our community is very active, and we look forward to seeing them make full use of the new amenities later in the year.”

Another addition is the laundry room, where residents have the use of a washer, dryer, and folding area for their washing.  Rodrigues explains that the laundry room is perfect for apartment residents who don’t have their own appliances. “The laundry room is also ideal for when residents want to wash large items such as blankets and duvets.  The existing communal drying area is already well utilised, and we think the laundry room will be beneficial for all. It will be available for use as soon as the equipment arrives, which is estimated for April.”

Two-bedroom apartments available immediately from R1.195m
Available from September 2022: houses from R2,195m and cottages from R1,6m.

OLBE phase 2 construction

For more information on retiring at Oasis Life Burgundy Estate and an exclusive tour of the furnished show house and show apartment, contact Allen.