Oasis Life’s four security pillars

We look at Healthcare Security

A Ripple Autumn 2022 article

In our new series, we will look at each of the four Oasis Life Security pillars, namely Healthcare Security, Financial Security, Physical Security and Lifestyle Security, in more detail and what that means for you as an Oasis Life resident.

The first pillar we’ll be discussing is Healthcare Security.

Healthcare Security is fundamental to Oasis Life, as we encourage you to continue living your best life with us.

Oasis Life’s four security pillars

“One of the important considerations of whether you want to downscale and move to a retirement estate, is the easy access to healthcare,” says Mariska Auret, Director at Rabie, developers of Oasis Life.  “When living on your own in a big house, access to primary healthcare is always a challenge, which often leads to early detection of health concerns not taking place, or even known conditions not being adequately treated.  Access to emergency services is a great concern for retirees and their worried children alike. What happens when you fall or have a medical emergency and you are alone?”

“Our Primary Healthcare service and the call-4-care emergency healthcare system is part of your monthly levy, which means that your access to healthcare is a given.  Our qualified sisters conduct a health questionnaire when you move in, and we have a nurse on duty 24/7 in the Healthcare Suite.  Additional costs would be items such as doctors’ visits, your medication, home-based care, and frail care.”

Marie Gauche, resident at Oasis Life Clara Anna Fontein talks about the importance of the healthcare, “It is a fantastic benefit that there is a clinic and that we have a 24/7 emergency call system in our home. As we get older, anything can happen, and it sets you at ease that you are in immediate contact with those who can take care of you in such an eventuality. It is one of the reasons we decided to move to Oasis Life.”

Oasis Life’s four security pillars

Healthy lifestyle

Our focus at Oasis Life is to provide an active, enjoyable lifestyle that does not diminish over time. Our gyms, classes, exercise programmes and healthy meals are all designed to keep you young and going strong!

Primary healthcare

We offer primary healthcare, which takes the form of onsite consulting rooms in our Clubhouses.  Our primary care centres offer an observation room with medical equipment to deal with emergencies, clinic services by qualified nursing staff and a medical database to ensure emergencies can be dealt with quickly.

 Home-based care and frail care

In addition, home-based care at prescribed rates will be available to those who choose it. Tailor-made nursing services and home-based care options available, operated by Medwell SA.  As an Oasis Life resident, you enjoy preferential access to frail care, step-down, and day hospital facilities at Oasis Care Centre Century City, subject to availability.


Oasis Care Centre – Professional, Personalised 5 Star Care

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Please note that our current Oasis Life developments do not have Frail Care Facilities.

Oasis Life’s four security pillars

When retiring to Oasis Life, you’re not moving into an “old-age-home””, continues Auret, “Becoming part of a specialised, age-appropriate estate is the beauty of slowing down and easing into your golden years.

Emergency 24-hour call-4-care system

For peace of mind, every home is fitted with a 24-hour call-4-care medical emergency system, which allows you the ease of calling for assistance at the press of a button.  You and your loved ones can always rest assured that you’ll get the attention you need, just as soon as you need it.  Armbands are also available, which can be linked to the call-4-care system, should a person not be able to reach the phone for any reason.

Age-tailored homes

Without compromising on style and contemporary architecture, we carefully design our Oasis Life homes to ensure that every lay-out is practical and smart. We also take great care to future proof every home by ensuring that it is age-tailored.

As one gets older, the ease of mobility and comfortable living become key considerations for your lifestyle and the quality thereof.  Investing in your retirement home is a big decision and ideally it should cater for all your requirements as you get older. You don’t want to move again!

We have age-tailored all our homes with your future in mind.  Read more here Age-tailored retirement homes with contemporary design |Oasis Life

Oasis Life’s four security pillars

“When retiring to Oasis Life, you’re not moving into an “old-age-home””, continues Auret, “Becoming part of a specialised, age-appropriate estate is the beauty of slowing down and easing into your golden years.  You have scaled down, enjoy the company of like-minded people, and is active and independent enough to live your life on your terms.  Having Healthcare Security available when you need it, serves as that additional peace of mind necessary to really enjoy your retirement.”