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Frequently Asked Questions:
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We’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions and our answers, which we hope you’ll find insightful. If you do not find the question or answer you are looking for, please get in touch with us via



Q: How old do I need to be in order to buy a Life Right at an Oasis Life estate?

Oasis Life residents need to be at least 60 years old. If you’re moving in as a couple, the younger partner may not be younger than 50 years old.

Q: How secure is my Life Right?

A: Your Life Right is governed by the Housing Development Scheme for Retired Persons Act, and underwritten by the financial stability and track record of Rabie.

Q: Can Oasis Life homes be rented out by Life Right owners?

A: Yes, provided the tenants are over 55 years old, and only for a period of 5 years from the date of transfer of the life right.

Q: Can family members purchase a life right on behalf of their parents?

A: Yes, provided that the parents remain the occupiers of the home. If the parents pass away, the life right will be sold the original price of the life right, minus agents’ fees will be paid to the family member.

Q: Are friends, family or grandchildren allowed to stay over?

A: Friends, family and grandchildren may stay over on a short-term basis. Stays longer than a month will require the permission of Oasis Life Management.

Q: Can my daily char or a nurse work for me?

A: Daily chars and nurses may work for residents and are registered with the Oasis Life Management office.

Q: Are pets permitted?

A: Oasis Life is pet friendly as we understand how much your pet means to you. As we have to keep the size of the homes and neighbours into consideration, there is a limitation on the size and number of pets.

Q: May I work from home?

A: You may work from home provided this does not interfere with other residents or contravene Council by-laws.

Q: Is there a handyman?

A:  Yes. We have handymen available for small repairs.

Q: What are the smoking regulations?

A: No smoking will be allowed in common facilities. Smoking in homes is permitted.

Q: Are the common areas and homes disability-friendly?

A: All areas within Oasis Life, including individual homes are age-tailored.  Wheelchair-friendly lifts and ramps are provided where appropriate. For a more comprehensive list of how our homes are age-tailored, visit Age-tailored retirement homes with contemporary design |Oasis Life


Q: Who manages Oasis Life's estates?

A: Oasis Life Management carries the responsibility for the operations, estate and financial management of all its estates. By doing so, Oasis Life ensures that residents enjoy the benefits of a professionally managed estate. Our experienced operations management team works hand-in-hand with our appointed healthcare provider to provide a continuous primary healthcare experience that upholds our philosophy of active ageing.

Q: Who governs the matters of the estate?

A: We manage the estate and its governance process in consultation with the residents who are given the opportunity to have their needs clearly communicated via the resident’s committee.

Q: Is there a Resident’s Committee that provides input into estate affairs?

A: Yes. In each estate, a committee comprising of elected residents provides valuable feedback on concerns, needs and requirements.


Q: Do I need to put down a deposit?

A: A 10% deposit is required. Alternatively, a bank guarantee for this amount is acceptable..

Q: Can I buy an Oasis Life home subject to the sale of my existing property?

A: In most cases, you should be able to, as long as this is set out in the life right agreement.

Q: Am I responsible for paying the water and electricity accounts?

A: Yes. Electricity and water in your home will be separately metered for your account.

Q: What insurance cover is my responsibility?

A: Oasis Life will insure all buildings. The cost of this insurance is included in the levy. Residents are responsible for insuring their house contents and personal effects.


Q: What levies are payable and what do they cover?

A: Levies cover the full running and maintenance costs of the village and include your selected services and care levels. More detail is included in the sales pack available from our agents, who will also be able to discuss the levies with you.

Q: How will Oasis Life prevent major future levies hikes?

A: In terms of the Housing Development Scheme for Retired Persons Act, levies must be disclosed for the first two years in the Sales Agreement. After that levies may increase in terms of a formula linked to inflation.


Q: What finishes can I choose from for my home?

A: You’ll be able to choose a colour theme incorporating interior paint colours, floor and carpet colours. We will have samples available to view and in most cases, a show house/apartment/cottage to walk through.


Q: Does each home have an emergency call system?

A: Yes, all homes are linked to the onsite Primary Healthcare Suite and call-4-care, an emergency medical response service. The cost of this response service is covered in the levy.

Q: What is included as Primary Healthcare?


  • The Healthcare Suite in the Clubhouse consists of a reception, waiting area, consulting & examination rooms, and staff restroom/lounge.
  • The medical staff who are on duty 24/7, consists of a minimum of one qualified sister during normal office hours and an enrolled nursing assistant (ENA) to attend to emergencies after hours and over weekends and public holidays.
  • You have access to an emergency Call4Care, including panic button with links to the Healthcare Suite, the security team and ER Services.

Q: Is Primary Healthcare included in my levies?

A: Yes, the Primary Healthcare service and call-4-care services are included in your levies.

Q: Can I get home-based care?

A: On-demand home based care will be quoted and invoiced separately. Home-based support/care is a service offered and managed by the contracted professional home nursing service.

Q: Does Oasis Life have frail care?

A: Our current estates do not offer frailcare, but our future estates may include step-down facilities.

As an Oasis Life resident, you have preferential screening and access to Oasis Care Centre, in Century City subject to availability.

Oasis Care Centre offers hotel style Assisted Living, Frail Care, Physical Rehabilitation and Alzheimer’s/Dementia care in a magnificent environment within the high security Oasis Life Retirement Resort.

For more information on Oasis Care Centre, contact Lizzie on 021 528 7301 or 084 952 5394 or


Q: Who maintains the interior and exterior of homes?

A: The maintenance of the interior of each home is the responsibility of the resident, while the maintenance of the exterior is our responsibility.

Q: How much will major estate maintenance or refurbishment cost me?

A: Estate maintenance and refurbishment is covered by the maintenance reserve in the levy, and you will never have to pay special levies.

Q: Does the estate have a landscaping plan?

A: Our landscape designers compile comprehensive landscaping plans. All common areas will be landscaped and maintained by Oasis Life.

Q: Will I be required to use the plants in the approved planting palette?

A: While we want you to express yourself freely, residents will be encouraged to use the plants as recommended in the planting palette.


Q: How will I get my post?

A: A centralised facility makes picking post up easy.

Q: Will there be a newspaper service?

A: Yes. Newspapers can be collected from reception.

Q: Are laundry facilities available?

A: There is an ad-hoc laundry service available, payable seperately.  In Burgundy Estate, we offer a help-yourself laundry service, payable with tokens that can be requested from Oasis Life Clubhouse reception.

Q: Will meal and housekeeping services be available?

A: Residents may enjoy delicious and affordable breakfasts and lunches in the restaurant. A housekeeping service is available on request.


Q: What security is provided?

A: The entrance to each estate is via a single access-controlled point manned 24/7 by specially trained personnel. In addition, there are state-of-the-art CCTV cameras employed to monitor the perimeter. The perimeter walls/ fencing, is topped with electric fencing.