Active Ageing & Proactive Healthcare

Our focus at Oasis Life villages is to provide an active, enjoyable lifestyle that does not diminish over time. Our gyms, classes, exercise programmes and healthy meals are all designed to keep old age at bay.

However, as our time passes, a consequence of old age is the possible onset of frailty. Most people move in when they’re active, and the fact that the environment is designed around anticipated challenges is a weight off everyone’s shoulders. 

To start with, we offer primary health care in each and every Oasis Life Village. This takes the form of onsite consulting rooms in which regular check-ups are offered by caring and well-trained nurses and carers, and visiting doctors will be available for consultations by appointment.

In addition, home-based care at prescribed rates will be available to those who choose it. We also offer assisted living, frail care and recuperative care solutions at nearby facilities with which we will have pre-existing partnership agreements.

And with 24-hour medical emergency devices in every home, you and your loved ones can always rest assured that you’ll get the attention you need, just as soon as you need it.