Fall in love with your retirement!

Retirement is not necessarily about slowing down, but about living life to the full! We are living longer than previous generations, and that means maintaining our independence and funding our lifestyles well into our eighties and nineties. So it makes sense to look at downscaling to more manageable accommodation in a secure, friendly and professionally run environment.

Oasis Life is all about enjoying a fabulous retirement lifestyle and a substantial part of that is peace of mind. Our retirement philosophy is therefore based on four pillars: lifestyle security, financial security, physical security and healthcare security.

Oasis Life was launched in 2018, with the first estate established in Clara Anna Fontein in Durbanville, Cape Town.  Its first phase is completed, with Phase two launching in 2021.  The second estate was launched in Burgundy Estate a year later and is currently under construction. The Oasis Life family will eventually become a community, forging relationships across the various estates.

Retirement living you’ll love

Oasis Life Villages offer the perfect balance of stunning up-market homes and spacious ‘country-club-meets-luxury-resort’ facilities. Here residents enjoy a full suite of options for healthy and relaxing recreation. Our  future-focused, tech-savvy cottages and apartments will suit those who want to carry on working from home and all who value connectivity and online entertainment.

Retirement locations you’ll love

We’re thrilled to have found the perfect places for our first three Oasis Life Villages. Each is ensconced in a greater estate with its own security measures and unique lifestyle advantages. And each caters for a range of budgets and personal preferences.