Welcome home! Welcome to the Oasis Life lifestyle.

The Oasis Life lifestyle is based on hospitality and underpinned by our four security pillars.

Retiring at Oasis Life is most assuredly not moving to an old age home, it’s becoming part of a comfortable lifestyle which includes contemporary designed, age-tailored homes of exceptional quality.  It means enjoying your independence, leaning into the golden years of life where you can enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Oasis Life, you are our top priority, which is why a hospitality-based lifestyle is so important to us.  We want you to fall in love with your retirement, from enjoying the comfort of your own private home to the excellent facilities our Clubhouse offers.  We want our various developments to be intertwined with the golden thread of  service and hospitality.

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Being in the people business, we understand that people love what is familiar to them. At Oasis Life, you can live as you always have, enjoying the privacy of your own comfortable home, but without having to mow lawns, fix leaks, clean pools, or cook every single meal.

Services are tailored to suit your requirements today and in the future. You can select resort-style services or more comprehensive, home-care services as and when your needs evolve.

It’s our job to make sure that our outstanding facilities are staffed by friendly, efficient, service-minded people. To meet this obligation, all our hospitality staff are trained to hotel industry standards.


  • A manned gatehouse & 24-hour security (either its own or within the greater estate if applicable)
  • Clubhouse
  • Contemporary, age-tailored homes
  • Pet-friendly
  • Beautiful landscaping with indigenous planting
  • Ample, secure green space
  • Mini-library & multi-function rooms
  • Hotel-quality food and beverage offering
  • Primary healthcare
Financial security

We’re all concerned about our financial security and especially so at retirement.  Oasis Life is based on the Life Rights model, which allows you the benefit of being able to plan your financial obligations into the future.

Life rights is the most popular ownership type for retirees worldwide. But what is so appealing about it? Life rights at Oasis Life is an investment in a worry-free retirement lifestyle.

You enjoy financial advantages and predictable costs such as saving on upfront fees and never having to face special levies. (For the full list of benefits, visit LIFE RIGHTS).

Your home is secure. You have a home for life and are protected by the Retired Persons Act.

Your investment is secure. If you ever want to relocate, you may terminate your life right, but it is not transferable to another person. On termination of your life right, it will be sold by Oasis Life to another buyer and 100% of the original purchase price will be paid to you or your estate, minus 5% plus vat agents’ commission (calculated on the re-sale value of the property).

For the full benefits of Financial Security, read further on the following page: LIFE RIGHTS

physical securty

Your safety is our priority, which is why our developments are gated and manned 24/7 as well as secured with the latest security technology, including CCTV cameras and round-the-clock monitoring.

This provides you with the opportunity to indulge in a life of ease, along with the lock-up-and-go convenience to travel and explore to your heart’s content.

Our Oasis Life estates are established in a greater, multi-generational estate with its own security measures and unique lifestyle advantages. This gives us double-layered security, and the peace of mind that goes with it.

You’ll enjoy the freedom to enjoy long walks through magnificently landscaped gardens, secure in the knowledge that you are safe and always protected.

Healthcare security

Our focus at Oasis Life  is to provide an active, enjoyable lifestyle that does not diminish over time. Our gyms, classes, exercise programmes and healthy meals are all designed to keep you young and going strong!

We offer primary healthcare, which takes the form of onsite consulting rooms in which regular check-ups are offered by caring and well-trained nurses and carers, and visiting doctors will be available for consultations by appointment.

In addition, home-based care at prescribed rates will be available to those who choose it. We also offer assisted living, frail care and recuperative care solutions at nearby facilities with which we will have pre-existing partnership agreements. (Please note that Oasis Life developments do not have Frail Care Facilities).

Every home is fitted with a 24-hour call-4-care medical emergency system, which allows you the ease of calling for assistance at a press of a button.  You and your loved ones can always rest assured that you’ll get the attention you need, just as soon as you need it.