Welcome to a new age of retirement

Today’s retirees don’t slow down: they live life to the full. Our challenge is that we are living longer than previous generations, and that means maintaining our independence and funding our lifestyles well into our eighties and nineties. So it makes sense to look at downscaling to more manageable accommodation in a secure, friendly and professionally run environment. Which is exactly what we at Rabie have set out to create in our Oasis Life Villages.

Retirement living you’ll love

Oasis Life Villages offer the perfect balance of stunning up-market homes and spacious ‘country-club-meets-luxury-resort’ facilities. Here residents enjoy a full suite of options for healthy and relaxing recreation. Our  future-focused, tech-savvy cottages and apartments will suit those who want to carry on working from home and all who value connectivity and online entertainment.

Retirement locations you’ll love

We’re thrilled to have found the perfect places for our first three Oasis Life Villages. Each is ensconced in a greater estate with its own security measures and unique lifestyle advantages. And each caters for a range of budgets and personal preferences.


Set in Rabie’s idyllic residential estate in the rolling hills above Durbanville, Oasis LIfe Clara Anna Fontein offers a modern take on traditional single-level cottages arranged around a beautiful new Lifestyle Centre. 


In the heart of the exciting new Ratanga redevelopment, Oasis Life Century City will comprise four ‘vertical villages’ set above an outstanding clubhouse, gym and pool, overlooking hectares of water features and indigenous gardens. To register for news updates and an invitation to the launch, click the button below.


Located in an 80-hectare lifestyle development bordering the De Grendel wine estate, Oasis Life Burgundy Estate will combine comfortable contemporary cottages with intimate two and three- storey apartment blocks laid out around magnificent communal facilities. To register for news updates and an invitation to the launch, click the button below.


What is a Life Right?

The Life Right retirement model, referred to as a ‘right of occupation’ in the USA, Australia and New Zealand, is the most popular and progressive form of retirement ownership today. Why? Because it offers a carefree lifestyle by meeting retirees’ needs on every level: financial, physical, social and medical. READ MORE

Luxurious Lifestyle Centres

Community involvement is central to our vision of a rich and rewarding retirement lifestyle. For this reason, we are setting a new benchmark in the design and quality of our spacious contemporary Lifestyle Centres, with their luxurious furnishings and comprehensive range of sports, health and leisure amenities. READ MORE

Active Ageing & Healthcare

Our focus at Oasis Life villages is on an active and enjoyable lifestyle. Our gyms, classes, exercise programmes and healthy meals are designed to keep you youthful, while our primary healthcare and network of healthcare partners ensure the right level of medical attention whenever you may need it.