A Ripple Spring 2023 article

Killing Moon

by Jo Nesbo

If you thought you’d seen the last of detective Harry Hole, think again! He returns to Norway from self-imposed isolation in Los Angeles to help solve a case the local police believe to be the work of a serial killer. And what a very creepy one at that.

The Stolen Hours

by Karen Swan

In a departure from her usually romances, Karen Swan dives into the Scottish history books for this series. It is set on the island of St Kilda in the Outer Hebredes – a community so remote that in the 1920s they were forcefully evacuated to the Scottish mainland. Meticulously researched, it also humanises the small lives, loves and losses of this community.

The Bookbinder of Jericho

by Pip Edwards

This follows on from Pip Edwards’ A Dictionary Of Lost Words which tells the story of the making of the Oxford English Dictionary. There’s an overlapping sense of history and coming together, but two completely different stories as Peg’s – a bindery girl with bigger aspirations – life changes when Britain enters World War I.

One Pot Healthy

by Sabrina Fauda-Role

Another winner from this popular One Pot series. Find 80 fresh, healthy and delicious recipe ideas that’ll make you feel good and prepared – as the title says – in just one pot. Packed with great midweek meals with easy-to-prep ideas like butternut and chicken soup.

Delicious Daydreams

by Dingding Hu

This sounds a little wild and it might be – it’s a seek and find ‘Where’s Wally’ style book for foodie-loving adults! Dingding Hu is a professional illustrator, but the book is a welcome reprieve from screen time and just giving your brain and your eyes a break.

Lessons In Chemistry

by Bonnie Garmus

Bonnie was in her 60s when she wrote this, her first novel! And what a debut – Elizabeth Zott is a female chemist in a man’s world in the 50s and packs it in to become a TV chef, where she turns her love for chemistry into the country’s most beloved evening mealtime show. Elizabeth is misunderstood by many, but a pure unadulterated delight to read.

Little Secrets

by Gail Schimmel

South African Gail Schimmel can dream a suburban crime into being in a truly suspenseful and insidious way. Monique thinks her carefully constructed life as a mom and wife is pretty perfect until it all unravels in the most dramatic and traumatic way. Major psychological suspense plus the odd mention of Rosebank Mall and other Jozi locations in the midst of the action!

Romantic Comedy

by Curtis Sittenfeld

What I loved about this book is not just that it goes behind the scenes of a late-night New York based comedy sketch show (although it does and this insight is so smart and wonderful if you’re a fan) but that it weaves a real and really funny and authentic love story, between the unstarry comedy script writer and the superstar celebrity guest of the show.

Power Up

by Alison Davies

How to feel awesome by protecting and boosting positive energy? Alison will help you with manifestation, visualisation and breathing techniques, as well as protect and cleanse your aura. Its sound woowoo, but it’s a great place to start to manifesting.

Freedom From Anxiety

by Paul McKenna

This world-leading hypnotherapist will show you how to beat anxiety through practical solutions and positive thinking aimed at getting rid of anxious thoughts and regaining control of your life in an easy-to-read guide.