Riplle Autumn 2020

What’s Up at Oasis Life? Autum 2020

Editor’s Letter | Ripple | Autumn 2020

The small signs of a changing season are slowly by surely being revealed, as we transition into autumn. Laundering your favourite cardigan and keeping it close at hand is becoming a necessity as the mercury drops gradually in the mornings and evenings. Yet, even as dawn is a little slower and dusk a tad hastier, the colours remain bright: orange and ochre leaves on the trees, balmy afternoons and sunlit mornings. Don’t you just love the unique beauty of every changing season?

I guess we find that in ourselves as we age. We can mourn for the hot, long summer days and be miserable as the weather commences its transformation, or we can find the beauty in our own changing seasons. We gain maturity, perspective and a softer approach to matters we might have dismissed out of hand as hot-headed youngsters. Being comfortable with yourself and who you are. Being accepting of others. These are the wonderful insights we gain as we collect more and more changing seasons.

At Oasis Life, we are also steadily maturing in our developments: at Clara Anna Fontein we’re busy constructing our beautiful clubhouse – the nucleus of the community. We’re also introducing our fourth fully furnished show house. At Burgundy Estate, we’re visiting bowling clubs, inviting our local community for a lovely cuppa and introducing everyone to the great lifestyle waiting for them at Oasis Life.

We’re also talking about your diet as you age and Kim Tempest, a Functional Nutritional Therapist, helps us with what we need to know and look out for to achieve optimum health. We answer a few questions on healthcare at Oasis Life and we meet Allen, our key contact person for all your questions when deciding on purchasing a home with us.

Keep warm as we approach the changing season, stay safe and look after one another!