Glyn and Gary

Hospitality with a Smile

Meet the Hoteliers Behind the Hospitality Lifestyle at Oasis Life

At Oasis Life, we’re promising a resort-like lifestyle with hospitality from the top shelf and therefore, we need the best team.  With the extended experience of two hoteliers, Gary Koetser and Glyn Taylor, we intend to deliver on our promise.

Gary and Glyn, joint CEO’s of the award-winning Century City Conference Centre and Hotel have many years of hotel management experience.

Glyn focused his career on working his way through the ranks of the Three Cities group from F&B Manager at the Royal Hotel in Durban to the Group Operations Director overseeing 45 hotels, lodges and resorts across Southern Africa over a span of nine years.  

Similarly, Gary worked his way through the ranks of the Protea Group over a period of 17 years, was General Manager of various properties, which includes the opening of Cape Town Marriott Crystal Towers and then onto Regional Manager for the Western Cape.  

“We always teach our staff that the creation of an ambience is absolutely crucial.  To create a place where people feel welcome and comfortable is their number one priority.  From the moment a guest steps through our doors, they must be enveloped in an unforgettable experience.” says Gary “The music, the aroma, the décor and service must together, form a whole.”

Involved from the inception stage at Oasis Life as hospitality specialists, Gary and Glyn give invaluable input with the respective professional teams in terms of the design of the hospitality offering, ensuring that every detail is considered.

“We will be drawing from an operational talent pool, who have extensive experience and who have been guided and brought up through the ranks over years, to continue this legacy of excellence at Oasis Life.”  says Glyn.

“Oasis Life’s hospitality offering is based on the quality and experience we pride ourselves on at Century City.  Even though each retirement development is unique, a golden thread of excellence and warmth will run through each.”

Oasis Life’s lifestyle centres will include a restaurant, library, undercover outside patio or deck, multi-function room for events like cinema evenings, as well as primary healthcare suites.