Welcome to Ripple

The launch of Oasis Life Clara Anna Fontein in 2018 was a particularly significant event for Rabie, as it signaled a major shift into the development of integrated retirement villages within greater estates – one of the unique benefits of investing in an Oasis Life development.

Building on our experience at Oasis Luxury Retirement Resort in Century City, we have identified a vast potential for superior retirement estates that offer an excellent lifestyle for residents – the beginning of a roll-out of life right retirement developments across the Western Cape and beyond.

Rabie’s focus has always been on delivering more than just bricks and mortar. We believe in creating large scale estates and well-integrated developments designed to enhance the quality of life of those who live, work and play there. In addition to well-researched and superbly designed homes, our Oasis Life estates offer state-of-the-art communal facilities, which cater for the recreational needs of our residents on various levels. Whether you want to enjoy a relaxing mid-morning coffee at the coffee bar, meet with friends at lunchtime in the restaurant, enjoy a work-out in the gym, quietly read the latest novel in the library or attend a movie night, we want you to love every aspect of your retirement.

We retain ownership and responsibility of all the maintenance and upkeep of the facilities, which gives our residents complete peace of mind that the estate is managed to the highest standards. With this long-term vision, we remain aligned with our residents and believe that their lifestyle investment is safe with us.

Our new magazine, Ripple, is an exclusive Oasis Life publication, with the aim of keeping investors well-informed about our various developments and simultaneously, offering a publication that mirrors the lifestyle enjoyed in an Oasis Life estate.

In addition to estate updates, we will be presenting noteworthy content across various interests: from money matters and emotional well-being to travel and exercise.

We are passionate about engaging with our current and future Oasis Life residents on a level that is relevant and connected, and that enforces our commitment to remain part of the Oasis Life community. We believe that Ripple will enable us to do so and trust that you will enjoy our journey together.

Leon Cohen,

CEO at Rabie Property Group